21 January 2022 Comments

Winter does not kill flowers. It gives them the opportunity to be reborn.

Safala Iarna

Today we woke up surrounded by a sea of white! There is so much peace around us and in our house it smells like cinnamon… Beyond the window glass the silver stars open from the clouds and dance quietly on their way to earth. How beautiful the winter is… Overnight he managed to lay a blanket covered with snow and to silence any attempt by nature to resist. That in a story the sun shyly sends out a few rays that are reflected in the freshly snowed snow. Proud of his success, he admires the frozen landscape and sends cold rays over the endless white.

Winter is about rest, about all of us together looking out the window at this frozen show.

 It's been a busy year, looking back we wonder when we lined them all up ?!

In March, we started with the team of Mr. Sangeorzan from Ilva the fencing of the land, nice and worthy people. Although we thought at the time that spring was coming, unfortunately it wasn't close at all. We had with us those who became our friends until the end of October for tracing the access roads to the hazelnut orchard and building an accumulation lake for irrigation.

In June, the guys from Hygrove built us the most beautiful green houses for raspberries, we highly recommend them for the professionalism with which they worked, the ones from Dabacco helped us to prepare the soil, scribble, plow and mill. Towards the end of the autumn, the people from Planturo stopped at Sinteu to plant almost 4000 hazelnut seedlings.

We thank them all and we are grateful too, without them we would not be so close to fulfilling this dream.

And at the end I leave you this image and we stay by a cup of hot tea waiting for spring.

See you!

Oana G.


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